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How do I break traction in a v8 camaro before turning into the corner?

I have a 2017 automatic v8 camaro. I’ve learned how to power slide around a corner by shifting into third gear on my paddle shifters and stepping into the throttle as I’m turning. But now I want to step it up and start drifting like Tokyo drift. How do I do all of that without an e-brake? I’ve seen it done before In this type of car so I know it’s possible. I’d also like to know how to break into a slide from a dead stop. Should I put it in competitive mode or turn traction control all the way off? I tried doing that one time and ended up doing a whole 180 spin. But then again I had bold tires at the time so I’m not sure if that played a factor. So basically how do I safely put my car into a slide and then regain control without over or under steering?? 

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    You use the parking brake. Watch how Jim Rockford does that. 

  • Aiden
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    4 months ago

    I've never driven an automatic before and I don't really pay attention to how they work because of that. They just simply don't interest me.

    But I don't imagine it's any different to drifting a manual car. I'd imagine there's a way to increase the torque in your car right? Something that's the equivalent to dropping a gear in a manual car.

    You want to drift?

    Well what you need to do is approach a long corner at about 30mph. 

    - Just as you start to enter the corner, drop that gear or do whatever it is you need to get a lot of torque

    - turn your car wheel in the direction you wish to turn quite sharply and apply some throttle. That will kick your rear end out.

    - Turn your wheel right to control the oversteer and apply some throttle here and there to keep control of it and also to maintain your drift. Too much throttle and your car will  spin, too little throttle and your car will go into a bush.

    It's a lot to do with feeling your car and keeping your eyes on the exact point where you want to go.

    Sometimes quickly tapping the brake once and not too sharply just before you drop the gear and turn the wheel will assist in shifting the weight to the back of the car.

    Or do you want to make a sharp turn?

    The scandinavian flick might be best for you.

    It's important that you always keep your eyes glued to where you want to go on this one. Don't look anywhere else because your car will start to go wherever it is you're looking.

    Say this is a left corner.

    - Approach the corner from the left of the road, around 20 mph. Too much speed will make you spin off.

    - Before you get to the corner, off the throttle, turn your steering wheel right quite sharply

    - Then turn it left sharply in the direction that you want to go. (You should have reached the corner by now) Still off the throttle.

    - This will have kicked your back end out and you'll need to turn your wheel to the right to control the car.

    - When the car has either stopped or you feel like you have enough control over it, you can apply the throttle and carry on driving.

    It's quite difficult to explain this one through text alone, so I'd recommend looking at the Scandinavian flick online or something.

    Left turns are easier than right turns. Or actually I suppose you're in the US right? I'd imagine so with a car like that. In which case with left hand drive cars, right turns would be easier than left turns. Just from the virtue of having more space to turn the wheel to the right and having more vision to the right.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    I spent years racing cars. Midget and sprint cars. In the early 60s we ran mostly pavement. A dirt race came up an a new kid was asking me how to drive the dirt, I said go in 200 feet too far and 40 MPH too fast and just pitch it sideways and leave your foot in it. The kid said "how do you pitch it sideways?" I didn't have an answer. It was as natural as walking to me. Now you are asking the same question, aren't you?

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    well clearly it'll be all about balancing clutch control with counter steer...and feeling the weight of the car shift as you  adjust throttle way is to practice,  preferably somewhere legal   lol..  Have to say though auto trans vechiles are not the best way to experience drifting, oops i just realized  no clutch!  p

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  • 5 months ago

    maybe you can get a mechanic to help you out with that

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    i feel bad for the idiot who purchases your car used. rip transmission and suspension. how dare you call yourself a car enthusiast while you drive around an automatic camaro.

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