Tom asked in SportsSurfing · 2 months ago

7mm wetsuit for water temp between 40-30?

I’ve been doing some searching for winter wetsuits, (im new to surfing) a 7mm is the highest I could find. Would also like a fellow surfer from Maine (where I live) to confirm the winter water temp, I’m not to sure about the winter months as I only check temps in the summer. the graph  on shows that in the summer the sea temp doesn’t get above 50. However for quite a few years now it gets up to high 70s to low 80s so for a rough estimation, I would say 40-30s for winter temps? Would a 7mm work for this? Also how would I measure the size I need I’m a large in shirts and around the same in pant wear. Is that how that would work too? I am completely new to all this. So please, avoid trolling. 

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