How can i lock my computer hard drive?

I'm shipping my pc to the developers to changed my video cards and cooler but I want to lock my hdd that i added to the pc so they cant access whats inside. is there a software for it? does bitlocker that comes with pc works? thank you

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    2 months ago
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    Sure bitlocker will do exactly what you need.   It would make it impossible for them to access any of your data.  Of course it also makes it impossible for them to test it if they need to.

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    1 month ago

    Why not remove the hard drive before shipping?

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    Run Folder Encryption and Click "Protect Drive"(see image below).

    Select the hard disk drive(s) that you want to lock. and then click OK.

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    "my hdd that i added to the pc" means what?  Hardware that you bought and put into the box?  Something else?  No blind guessing from far way.  Need all details.

    Changing a video card and a "cooler" of some sort is about less than an hour work with a screw driver and installing some software.  Would not mean shipping the PC box anywhere.

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  • 2 months ago

    If it's a secondary drive, remove it. Otherwise, backup and delete the stuff you don't want them to see.  

    If you can add a drive, you can change video cards and cooler.  

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    They are going to want to have access to your PC to install and test drivers. 

    You shouldn't remove that access from them.

    If you have data you don't want them seeing, back it up that data and remove it before you ship the system.

    Or do the install yourself.

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