Is this sexual assault?

When I was younger, my father would get me on weekends and I would often deal with him showing me his dick on rare occasions. I was only 7 years old. I wouldn't do anything to him and he never asked me too. I remember when I was younger, he would wash my private area with soap, and when I complained it hurt, he didn't care and asked if I liked it. He would force me to spoon with him and say if I got up to pee that bigfoot would come after me. It was when my parents were divorced. I never told anyone about this. I finally told my mom about these memories and realized that I was too young to realize that I had been sexually assaulted. I thought you had to be raped in order for it to be sexual assault. I feel stupid because maybe he just washed me with soap because I couldn't wash well enough. I think I'm making excuses for him. I feel like what I went through doesn't count. 

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