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WHY are we seeing more and more sites taking the path Yahoo Answers took regarding the new layouts?

First it was Yahoo Answers replacing a perfectly working green layout for this HIDEOUS and buggy layout that is still buggy after several years since implementing it, now Facebook has taken that path by replacing its own layout with something that's optimized for tablets! The new Facebook layout is buggy as Hell because you can't edit a video without first playing the video in full screen. It directs you to a blank screen after editing a video post. It takes longer to load results when trying to manage results. And it's ugly. 

What is it with these companies in replacing a perfectly good layout with something that's half finished?  It's terrible.  

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    Because sites are more interested in catering to mobile users, then desktop users. 

    Cellphones.....the wave of the future.............ahhhhh, PHOOEY!!!!!!!

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    It's common for sites to make changes/updates periodically. They have to keep up with technology changes, and updates make a site look new/different and often attracts new users. YA is buggy because the company chooses not to put them money into it to fix the bugs (it has nothing to do with the layout in particular). 

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    One reason YA changed was users asked for new features. To add new features. you must change the site. Yes, when a website is changed, it will be buggy. The YA green version was buggy too, you just don't remember. The change from green to purple was so all Yahoo sites had the same color. As for Facebook, their reasons are not clear. I understand they added new features to make it better for mobile users.

  • Daniel
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    2 months ago

    There worried about other Sites Stealing there Business so there trying to keep up with the Competition 

    They should Leave it Alone if it works just Fine 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Jerry Yang (and not David Filo) left Yahoo! in 2012.

  • Matt
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    2 months ago

    because yahoo is overstaffed with people who change things just for the sake of it

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