Why don't I want or like sex? Am female*?

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    6 months ago
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    A great many females think they don't like sex because they've never had really good sex. They've had boyfriends or husbands and regularly had sex with them, but the guys either didn't bother or didn't know how to bring their partner a similar amount of pleasure to what they were enjoying.

    While it's entirely possible--and perfectly okay--to be asexual, completely without interest in sex, it's relatively rare. Healthy people with normal hormone levels generally are hard-wired to have some level of sexual desire. It's how our species survives.

    What I'd recommend is seeing if you can enjoy solo sex, using your hands or a toy. (Contrary to what dudes seem to think, vaginal penetration with something big is not the most likely way to achieve orgasm.) Concentrate on the clitoris, touching, pressing, and moving it around in any way that feels good. You can penetrate the vagina and/or anus if you feel like it, but no requirement.

    If you find that you enjoy the sensations of stimulating your clitoris, even if you don't achieve orgasm, then there's a high likelihood that with the right partner who has the right skill set, you could indeed enjoy sex.

  • God
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    6 months ago

    Get yourself a big vibrating dildo and see if you like to come. 

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    your problem is not that you don't like sex. your problem is that you don't like sex with MEN! you need to give women a try. you will discover you actually LOVE sex.

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