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How to improve my chess?

So I started playing chess about 2 months ago , when I learned the basic rules my rating was 600 in but I got a premium membership and got to 1050 , now what should I do for improving? I tried reading a book on french defense but it was too hard for me, any suggestions/ useful books?

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    Improving Your Chess Game Is A Very Interesting Task As You Will Get To Know About Various Strategies And Chess Tips And Tricks.

    This Also Help You To Improve Your Chess Skills.

    You Can Improve Your Chess Skills By Using The Strategies That I have Used To Improve My Chess From The Very Beginning And Learned A Lot Of Chess Strategies And Improved My Chess Skills.

    So You Should  Follow The Strategies Given Below:

    1. Have Patience And Make Good Plans In The Chess Game.

    2. You Should Concentrate On Analysing the Games Of Top Grandmasters Without the help Of Engine.

    3. Always Devote Some of Your Time In Reading The Chess Books.

    4. Have Practice After Learning Anything In Chess And Then Also Blitz It Up.

    5. Try To Play Two Blindfold Chess Matches In A Week With Any Chess Player And Improve Your Visualization Skills.

    By Following These Five Steps, You Can Do Better Practice In Chess And Could Improve Your Chess Skills.

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    Study the early, middle and the end. 

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    Do NOT play fast games.   You tend to make moves because of the timer.   If you play a game where you got a half hour you will take more time to think your moves thru.    One trick you do not see much in books is you nail the other guys knights and one bishop.   Usually you can do that with a one for one trade.   The trick is you leave him one bishop which is limited to one color of square.   Do it right and bingo,  all of your pieces are on the opposite color making his bishop useless.    And while you are doing this,  you want to keep one knight so no matter what color his pieces are on, you can hit them.     Then you can just hop around picking off his pieces and he can not hit you back.  

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    Remember the basic rules:

    (1) evaluate your strengths

    (2) evaluate your opponent's strengths

    (3) evaluate what your opponent can do to weaken your strengths

    (4) how can you weaken your opponent more than he can weaken you

    (5) protect your king.

    In terms of learning:

    Remember that there are only a very few good opening moves for either side:

    (a) e4

    (b) d4

    (c) c4

    (d) Kn-f3

    (e) g3 

    And: treat your pawns as if they were a garrison force, not an attacking force (except when you are already in a winning position).

    As for the French Defence:

    it's a rather crabbed opening for Black, but it has the advantage of being "asymmetrical", which makes it hard for White to get an attack going easily, without creating major weaknesses in his pawn structure. D4 is the key square....

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    The first thing I learn is the object  to the game is to capture your opponent's king before you king gets captured. Concentrate on all pieces. Learn some tricks.

    1 of my favorite trick is move my knight to put opponent's king and queen in check. needless say king got to move. Queen gets eliminated. That would you some advantage.

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