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I want to shoot up should use crystal meth or heroine which one makes you feel good ( I’m a 15 year old girl)?


* And how i get these drugs?*

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    You can get them quiet easily off drug dealers if you have cash, and both feel good for a limited time. But why start with heroine or meth? They are the most addictive and you can't function on them so what will happen if you go on these is you'll wake up feeling awful and you'll have a craving for more but because you can't do anything while on these you won't have money to buy anything. Maybe dealers will "give" you some but they'll want their money eventually and won't stop at anything to get it.

    So picture this, you wake up one day in the pizzings of rain and you feel worse than death itself, you're hungry and want more drugs but you haven't a penny for either. What do you do? Beg for money? Your most likely homeless at this stage because your cravings make you a selfish person who would steal the soul from your closest friends for a "hit of either of those two drugs", depends how far down the road you are maybe your teeth have started rotting out of your skull, maybe you're malnurished, skinny, alone, a thief, with the world judging you as scum even though you may not be a bad person but your dependency makes you do bad things. 

    That's enough of that anyway, I don't mind anyone doing drugs, I myself drink alcahol and smoke a bit of weed, in the past I've done it all. I think it's important to look after yourself, get yourself a good job and a happy life, you can drink or do whatever to socialise but don't make the same mistakes so many good people make. Just look at some TV series like breaking bad and ask yourself do you want to love like a meth head (I know it's tv but if anything it leaves out the horrors not add them in). Look at any junkie on the street begging, I'd this the life you want? Is it worth it? I'll tell you I've done it a lot and in lucky I didn't go down a bad path. I did shyt in school, had a shyt job no real friends but I worked hard and to tell you the truth I'm happier than ever now, I'm secure, have a beautiful wife and family, got myself into a job I like with good potential and I'll tell you I'm lucky. Some very close like my brother weren't, there's not a day goes by I don't think about him and wish we knew what I know now. I just hope you take this seriously before you chose what to do next. I'm not telling you what to do, just what I wish I knew when I was your age and what I wish my brother knew. I was trying to avoid talking about him but if it can help save you why not? I'm sorry, I wish I could sit next to you and explain but your young, life's tough especially as a teenager, work hard at something you like and life becomes a better place. 

    People don't understand, like the guy who implied Darwins theory of evolution and natural selection, meaning the dumb ones die. Instead they could've tried help because you're not dumb, they don't know you or your circumstances but they aren't wrong in saying that shyt will end your life. 

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    My brother, my husband and my friends sister died from shooting up. It takes its toll. Please think twice before you do. There are other ways to get a rush. Ski, Skate, BMX, Parasailing, anything...really Express yourself through you tube write, draw, paint, go on a rollercoaster, join the carnival...

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    Neither is a very good idea for a 15 year old, with no experience in the drug culture.

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    Please don’t my mom abandoned 8 Of us kids cause she was on that 

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    Heroin. But don't. This messed up my step- brother's life.

    Go into the ghetto. They "keep the traffic in the dark skinned people". 

    Source(s): But don't. I know. Shooting up can easily overdose. I nearly killed my friend.
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    Before you shoot up with any drugs, just shoot up to your teacher of English and get a bit of help.

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    2 months ago

    Darwin always wins.

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