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When did women begin asking men to dance? Was it possible in 1857? I watched a series where a feminist asked a man she admired. ?

They did business together and were interested in botany as well as mechanical inventions like music boxes and kaleidoscopes. I like this female, but thought asking a man to dance in 1857 was far-fetched. She probably got that idea from travelling to France as France is linked to feminism in Europe in that period. Travelling to Spain, another centre of feminist thought became fashionable in the 1890’s from what I know. Or did the director play around with history to show how brave and outspoken that feminist is, sort of ahead of her time. From what I know women asked men to dance in the 1920's and even then it was seen as outrageous by some, courageous by others. Thank you for sensible answers and it's not something to be found online. I appreciate information from those who know the subject. Thanks


She's not American. Her name is Olga Platonovna and she's a character in Krepostnaya series better known by a funny title Love in Chains, though some clever people call the series The serf. What does The Republic mentioned in someone's answer have to do with the Ukrainian series? It's about the Russian Empire and being brave. 

Update 2:

I meant was it realistic for the period  given, or did the director go way over the top. Scottish dancing has nothing to do with this or 20 th century Paris. If you haven't watched episode 40 of krepostnaya and don't know Russian don't answer. I want a detailed answer that really answers the question. Olga is a feminist and in 1857 ideas came from Paris like fashion. Thanks

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    As now, much would have depended in 1857 on where in the world those women were. Social habits vary across the world, and always have done. In some parts of the world there is no mixed sex dancing, etc, etc. The Russian Empire in the mid-19th century was a vast place, with very different sorts of society in its different parts.

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    Customs in 19th century rural Russia were naturally not those of 20th century Paris or New York.

    EDIT TO ADD: Asker, please don't attack people for talking about Scottish dancing or Paris. YOU failed to give ANY context except the date. People did their best to answer you with the knowledge they each had.

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    they probably did that all along

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    I began doing Scottish Country Dance in Canada in the in the early 1980's, and while some women would ask men to dance then, it was pretty rare.  By the late '90's, it was common.  So, some time in there, at least in Eastern Canada.

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    Who was this  versatile woman?  As you said, it was not proper etiquette in Europe, but the woman could have been an American. Social niceties were not so strict in the Republic - at least not in the North and West.

    The only woman who I think fits "dancing" "France", "Spain" (or at least Spanish dancing, since she was really Irish) and audacity was Lola Montez.

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