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Why can't titles of videos , articles , news stories just be more honest?

Take this Wikipedia article for example

Why the hell can't we just have to brutally honest article title .. " List of idiots who needlessly died because they wanted to climb a damn mountain "    GOD I wish I could just change titles all over the internet.


OH MY GOD too funny.  Comparing something that no one has to do knowing that 300 people have died to something that people have to do every day in their daily lives.  Way too funny

Update 2:

You climb a mountain that you never had to in the first place.  You die doing so.. your a flat out no argument dumbass.  Period end of debate. 

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    I dare you. Go on. I dare you. Change the Wikipedia entry to your version. And to prove you did, post the results for us all to see. Go on. Be a man. Or whatever the hell you are..........

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    2 months ago

    that isn't "brutally honest", that is biased against mountain climbing.

    there are tens of thousands who successfuly climb mountains each year. that doesn't mean that anyone can do it, nor that it is easy.

    just like skydiving.

    but you know, even MORE people die falling from tall buildings. does that mean that all buildings should be limited to two stories, and they should have safety nets around them?

    where do you draw the line and who decides what is right?

    the answer is, each person decides what to do with their own life.

    i'll bet if you read their profiles and how they died, it was not always from stupidity, but chance occurences...

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