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When your neighbor has a trash behind their house, and it is attracting rats on your side what should you do? ?

My neighbor next door to us has a huge heap of trash sitting in the backyard.

The neighbor beside of us claimed that the rats ate up the cables inside of his car. 

I seen rat poop all over the ground on the porch.

What should I do? 

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    Most cities have regulations regarding how trash is stored, and anything that might contribute to attracting rodents or other unwanted animals. In a city near where we live the trash bins must be stored in the rear of the yard; must be covered; trash is to be put out only in a certain manner; no plastic bags with trash in them, etc. You might think this is in a more wealthy area, but it is not. Because renters often don't do things the way they should, and rodents can be problematic in urban areas, many cities have very specific rules on things like this.

    Either look up online, the rules governing your city and trash storage, or simply call the city and inquire. There is likely a way to report this to the city in order to take care of it. The city may also set rat traps once the trash is cleared. If they do not comply there will likely be a fine involved, depending on the locality.

    Do keep in mind that you should probably leave this to the city if at all possible, because until the trash is picked up there will continue to be rats, no matter how much effort is put into eliminating them. Rat poison can also kill dogs and other animals.

    Do be sure you aren't doing anything that might make your neighbor unhappy and may also be covered in any normal regulation and/or cause a complaint toward you. Allowing a dog to stay outside and bark at unusual hours might be one example. But, a trash pile is a real problem.

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    Throw rat poison over the fence and you'll get rid of them real fast, but also make sure they don't young children there.

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    Call the city abatement department.

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    First be a good neighbor and offer to help with the clean-up.  If you get rebuffed, hire a lawyer.  This would be a nuisance lawsuit, but also your local police might be able to threaten your neighbor with a fine.

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  • Call city hall and ask who to speak to. You should have a Code Enforcement officer, most cities do, and he would come out from the complaint, inspect the property, and write a ticket giving them so much time to clean it up before being fined. Ask him to please keep your name confidential to avoid retaliation. Make sure you are not causing any problems like the other commenter said in case they suspect it was you, like a barking dog, trash in your yard, etc.

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    Get a pet snake.

  • Anonymous
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    If you live in a republican town, there is nothing you can do. They believe in the individual’s freedom to spread diseases by not wearing masks and by piling trash on their back porch. 

  • Anonymous
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    Report them to the Department of Health. A rat infestation is a public health risk. Most jurisdictions don't even allow people to let their yards get overgrown with grass and weeds for the very same reason. It attracts rodents which in turn attracts predators of various kinds.

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    Guessing by your incorrect spelling of "Neigbour" you're a Red Neck Yank.

    Use your Second Amendment right and shoot anything that moves.

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    Complain to your local authority environment/health dept.

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