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Who will win the 2020 UEFA Champions League Final?

Paris Saint-Germain or Bayern Munich?


Also name any other predictions i.e., goal scorers, etc. 

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  • 2 months ago
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    I give Bayern Munich 60% chance to win by any score. 1-0, 2-1, 3-2.

  • 1 month ago

    Bayern Munich win the 2020 UEFA Champions League Final.

  • 1 month ago

    of course Bayern Munich

  • 2 months ago

    I think Bayern Munich will win with 1 or 2 goals difference.

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  • 2 months ago

     Bayern Munich will win.

  • Bayern 2-1     

  • Bayern will shade it.  Barely.

  • 2 months ago

    we'll find out when they win

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