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How to treat urine scalding?



Need advice for temporary treatment of urine scalding in my old dog. Vets are closed this morning and we have an appointment booked all ready for 9am Monday so I'll show the vet them and let them treat it. Just not sure what to do for now or if I did the right thing. 


My elderly dog had a urine infection that caused incontinence at night, in the morning she'd be soaked. She only lies on her left side, as she's blind in her left eye. She likes to lay flat out and still see what's going on around her. If she lies on her right she can't see much of anything. 


This caused her left side to get soaked in urine 4 nights in a row. Every morning I bathed her thoroughly with a mild shampoo and made sure to dry her completely with towels and a hair dryer ( low heat). She didn't feel too good with the infection so I tried to not pull her around too much. Yesterday we got the all clear from infection and she's back to her old self. Groomed her this morning and noticed her left back leg and left side (belly to ribs) had a mild redness to it. I noticed one small break in the skin, like a paper cut. I washed the area again with shampoo, rinsed, dried with a hair dryer and applied some coconut oil. Changed her bed for clean blankets. Tomorrow I was just going to apply more coconut oil but should it be washed again or kept dry? Not sure how to take care of it until Monday.



It's not considered an emergency. And she has been to the vet can't you read? You're trying very hard to sound like a troll and succeeding. 

Update 2:

Thanks Nekkid truth - I do have some Vaseline handy I just wasn't sure about using it. Getting it back out of her coat and if it was ok to use. Luckily she is a short hair dog so no need for any sanitary trim. I might buy some diapers in case it happens again. But since the infection has cleared up so has the incontinence and she'd never had incontinence before so I was dealing with something new. Again thanks for a helpful reply.

Update 3:

Thanks Amber - saw the vet on the first day of symptoms and they did a urine test. She was put on 80mg of Marbocyl for 10 days. Didn't see rash in the side effects list when I looked.

Update 4:

Thank you for your kind suggestions - she needs to go to the vet on Monday away to get a cut on her paw checked so I may as well. I don't try to skimp on vet bills anymore at her age. She needs what she needs. 

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    Put something like bag balm or a&d ointment on the skin to protect it.  You want something that will stick to the skin well and provide a barrier between skin and urine.

    I would consider getting a sanitary trim to make it easier to keep her clean...  Less hair to absorb and hold the urine as well...  Explain to the groomer where she is typically soaked at and the groomer can do something to help keep her cleaner...  It may not be a pretty cut, bit keeping her clean is more important at this point...   Something similar to how lowchens are groomed may be an ideal solution.

    Consider incontinent dog diapers for nite time.

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    This happens to my very large dog very frequently.  She doesn't lose control, but she is large and urine often gets trapped in her hair.

    I sponge her off with water and peroxide, and I use a "hot spot" spray on the scalded areas.  I do NOT shave her.

    My Vet told me that it is important that the area get air and that (because she can reach the scald) anything I use must be 100% safe if ingested.

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    Just google your question.  It is very basic, clean the area, pat it dry & apply zinc free skin ointment.  I guess this happens more in Rabbits cause the answers were about rabbits & kittens.  May save you a vet bill if you can care for it yourself.

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    Never dealt with urine scalding and the research I didn't just gave products to use like:

    diapers, incontinence pads, protecting creams, creams for rashes. Along with sanitary clips and shaves downs if necessary. I would be tempted to keep it dry and just apply coconut oil with vaseline over top.

    What antibiotics did the vet could? Wouldn't be a reaction to that those would it? I doubt it but thought I'd throw it out there.

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    SO....... The vets aren't open till Monday (Emergency Veterinary care is available 24/7, but whatever). Your dog has been VERY ill and in need of veterinary care for a LONG time.... so why haven't you taken this poor creature to a vet before ????  You are trying VERY hard to sound like a responsible pet owner, but failing miserably. I hope when you are old, half blind and incontinent, someone leaves you to rot in a damp bed. Have a terrible day. 

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