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Buying a house?

Hi guys, put an offer in on a house that needs a lot of work, was on the market for £445k we put in an offer for £430k because it needs complete renovation, got declined, increased our offer by 5k and then was told they aren’t gonna say no yet, gonna wait to see if they get anything better and let us know in a few days, anyone else think this is rude? 

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    Do not take it personally. Nope, it is not rude to take multiple offers before the seller accepts an offer.

    If that house needs as much work as you say , $10K is not going to be nearly enough to get that house fully repaired. Howsoever,  if your offer is accepted, a contingency in regard to the inspection will let you know what the house needs. And if it is too much, you can back out without penalty....other than the cost of the inspection.

    You can always put a time limit on your offer. And  then walk. Sometimes things are not meant to be and when one door closes  another one opens. 

  • Barry
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    2 months ago

    Rude? It's business. You can always put a time limit on your offer. I expect the agent is playing off different offers trying to hike the selling price. It happens. One way to get the place is to swallow your pride and offer the asking price. What you should have done is asked the agent IF they vendor would be likely to accept a lower offer. Agents have professional pride and don't like low offers without discussion.

  • Lili
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    2 months ago

    It's perfectly standard to wait and see whether you get a better offer. I can't imagine why you'd think it was "rude". After all, you're not even offering the asking price, but someone else might. Why should they take your offer immediately simply because you made one?

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    Nope. Not rude at all. In fact it's perfectly normal to hold off making a decision until all the offers come in. 

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    You can always push back and request a final answer within (eg) 24 hours. 

    But look at it from their perspective - they don't want to sell for less than it's on the market for, so they want to see if anything better comes along before committing. 

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    If you had ever owned and then sold a home, you get it.  Not rude.  They have zero obligation to say yes right away, and they are being up front about the process.  All you can ask for.

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    Welcome to home buying. When Late Husband and I looked for our first house, we put in an offer on one place (with a drop dead date) and it was refused. Then the owners took it off the market.

    I'd have to guess that they decided to correct some of the things that were found on inspection before they put it on the market again. We felt kind of used after spending money on inspections and all, but there's no compensation for that. Live and learn.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    That's not rude...You must  be a newbie.

  • Maxi
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    No it is not rude, it is sensible, you didn't put in a time limited offer, eg a written offer that is void after 7 or 14 days. The sellers have been clear they are waiting for a better offer and their agent priced the property that it went on the market for and would have been advised to wait by them

  • Tavy
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    2 months ago

    Not rude at all, they will wait and see if anyone else will give them a higher offer.

    It's money,--- would you do the same for a few extra thousand in your bank account?


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