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How come my therapist tells me that she is legally required to breach confidentiality and report me for some ideas that I have ?

So my therapist is wanting to report some of the stuff that I told her. Most of these things are just thoughts and I'm not even sure if I'll even do it. I'm having legal issues and I'm technically not allowed to leave the state but unfortunately for some personal and important reasons, I may have to in order to help a friend and get to see him as well. I told her that I'm thinking about flying up to his city to see him and she says that she has to report me for telling her that. She says that I'm committing another crime by doing that which I don't even see how is it a crime. I don't get why is going to see a friend when he is in need of support and help a crime. She told me to get him to fly down here to see me but he can't and won't do that. My friend works at the grocery store and so he is limited on money. I'm mad at her cause she is wanting to report me to the courts and police for something that I'm not even sure if I'm going to do or not. Why is she doing this to me ?

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    Physicians are required by most state laws to disclose evidence of child abuse obtained through a physical examination or conversation with a minor child . Similarly, the law may demand a physician to disclose information that indicates that a crime has occurred or may occur . The code advises that when, by law, patient confidentiality must be breached, the physician should notify the patient and disclose to law-enforcement authorities the minimal amount of information required.

    So presumably the things you said you want to do come under these rules, so she is simply following the laws which govern her profession. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Now you're leaving the state to "visit" a friend.  How many versions of this story are you going to post?

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Welcome to the real world.  This is why you should use informal support groups instead of shrinks.  I suggest that you lawyer-up to protect yourself.  

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Please stop with your BULL SH!T!!!!

    You have already asked this obvious fake question already.

    Ya, you changed around a few minor details, in this one you are flying instead of driving, but the question is the same.

    Find something productive to do, but leave the FICTION WRITING AND STORY TELLING to Stephen King will ya? He is so much better at it

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