I’m reading a book that takes place in Great Britain. They use the term “data table” a lot. Could they be referring to a computer? Thanks 😊?


The title is No time like the past by Jodi Taylor 

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    A table is a way of presenting information:


    It is not a computer in this world.  I have not read the series I don't know if it renames things with a twist like Philip Pullman does in his His Dark Materials world.

    They might be USING a computer though.  Data tables are created and interrogated in spreadsheets and databases. You might even have done this at school using Excel without even realising that this is what you were doing.  Before computers these things were done analogue on paper.

  • Lomax
    Lv 4
    6 months ago

    Not necessarily. Without knowing what book you're referring to, or what period it's set in, it's hard to be dogmatic.

    But, broadly, a data table is exactly what it says it is. But take logarithms, for example. A log table might be regarded as a data table. When I was young, I had an actual printed sheet. These days this data is available from a pocket calculator - or stored on a computer. 

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