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were dinosaurs green?

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  • Tim D
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    3 weeks ago

    It's highly likely many dinosaurs were at least partly green. Since much of the vegetation in their environments was green, it would've enhanced camouflage. We can be fairly sure, btw, that theropod dinosaurs (the principal land predators) had color vision. Insects are camouflaged to evade predators such as birds--close relatives of mesozoic theropods and technically theropods themselves. It's noteworthy that derived tyrannosaurs, notably T. rex, appear to have had stereopsis, which allows the penetration or "breaking" of camouflage. That trait wouldn't have evolved without prey camouflage which in lush mesozoic environments--notably the wetter riparian habitats of hadrosaurs--would've included green.

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    That's like asking if birds are green. Some are, some are not. @Gray Bold Dinosaurs were warm-blooded, not cold-blooded. You can see this in bone structure; where blood is formed, and the structure is far more similar to warm-blooded animals rather than cold.

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    We don't know. A lot of the answers cite the advantages of camouflage but that is a rather weak argument. For one thing, we don't know whether their prey (or their predators) had color vision. For another, pattern is far more important than color. I had a brindle afghan hound that could disappear in the back yard if he was not moving. The back yard was not mostly black, in case you were wondering.

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    Green or dark colored, most likely. An ectotherm is an organism in which internal physiological sources of heat are of relatively small or negligible. Many reptiles regulate their body temperature by basking in the sun. The darker the skin, the better it is at absorbing heat from the sun.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    It is possible. T. rex is slow and it needs to be well camouflaged to be able to ambush unsuspecting prey because it cannot go running after its prey. There is evidence that some fossils (one of them was Triceratops) were bitten by T. rex but escaped and had those wounds healed before dying. Therefore T. rex could have been green colored to blend in with the vegetation surrounding it. Green is a common color in living lizards, and therefore it is certainly possible that some dinosaurs were green. Green and blue colors are exceedingly rare in mammals because mammals simply do not have the pigments that can produce green colors. In contrast, geckos and iguanas can be green colored, and so can snakes. Snakes evolved from a lizard.

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    Some probably were in order to blend into the environment. 

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