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Why did the colonies rebel from British rule? Who led it? And how did they assemble a movement ?

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    The Scots Rite Freemasons were the grandsons of the Scots who had supported Bonnie Prince Charlie in 1745 at Culloden about thirty years earlier. They had resisted the takeover of Britain in 1715 and 1745 by the German Kings of Hannover and, having failed to free Scotland from Hannoverian German rule, they tried to free Britain's American Colonies in 1775 with the Boston Massacre and 1776 with the battle at Concord and Lexington led by Lieutenant Nathan Davis commanding. As America's Founding Fathers they tried to "raise the entire human organism to the level of consciousness of the Absolute" and performed an apotheosis on George Washington. They attempted to give Americans freedom, justice, liberty and democracy, but that only lasted until a Dictator took over in 2016. And that was the last American election ever held. 

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    Religious oppression of the British kind (Protestant) was one reason the colonists fled "Jolly ol' England" in search of freedom and justice for all.  The Founding Fathers envisioned a melting pot nation where ALL religious choices would be welcome---a representative (key word) democratic (key word) republic that would be governed OF, BY, and FOR THE PEOPLE as a unique one-of-a-kind new nation.  

    Simple principle: "Repression breeds violence" (with 'violence' meaning "eruption" or "rebellion" of some sort and not necessarily physical abuse).  

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    They didn't like being ruled by a mad man. There's a good British movie about him called The Madness of King George.

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    taxation, right to rule. The british are invaders in America with no rights here, and they were atracking americans and stealing property. To add injury to insult the british claimed they had rights to demand taxes since they were the "law" and "heros" and kept people "safe".

    the signers of the declaration of destroy british empiristic ideas and desires lead it.

    the movement was openly assembled by fearlessly giving openly attended speeches in town squares all the while those blackskinned red coats, the british army, gritted their teeth at impending doom, helplessly watching and listening, all the while colonial women strocked their balls and penises keeping them all helplessly unmoving afraid to or they might ejaculare on their uniforms.

    dirty I know but smart...yah gotta do what yah gotta do!

    it was all organised and planned by the great george washington who whomped them at the delaware.

    theres a little known fact apparently, which you americans dont seem to grasp but the british not only trained their people to kill american horses and dogs but developed specialty weapons to do so.

    Im not kidding about the horse spirit. That spirit is out for revenge!

    Its too bad the british dont own up for eating MY horses and give me some. It might go easier on the during anorak.

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    Fred and Moriarty summed up the issues from the American and the British perspectives. (Well done!)

    Blu gave you the advice I will give:  There are hundreds of books about the causes and origins of the American Revolution. Read whatever your library has about it.  Every historian and history buff has a view.  Some defend their views with teeth and claws.

    Dewey Decimal Class 973 3

    Library of Congress subject heading

    United States -- History -- Revolution,1775-1783 -- Causes.

    (Just type "United States Revolution" into your library's or your internet browser's search box.)

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    Ben Franklin He actually said this  they Wouldn't let colonies print there own money

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    People write books on stuff like that. The King issued the Proclamation of 1763 (territorial expansion). In 1765 Parliament passed the Quartering Act. The Stamp Act, passed in 1765. The Townsend Acts, passed in 1767. That's plenty to get you started.

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    Led by the Traitor washington who rebelled against his King

    Canada and Australia got Independence without Murdering anyone

    Thumbs down WASHINGTON was a TRAITOR to his lord and master George 111 and there is Nothing your thumbs down will do to change that

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    Colonial leaders lead the 

    REVOLUTION of the governing class.

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    It was not led by the people, it was led by the rich slave-owning  elite.

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