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Why do people think Iverson was a decent player?

He wasn't a good offensive player. He shot 42% from the field and barely 30% for 3's. Yeah, he scored some points but anyone could do that if they took enough shots. 

His assist to turnover ratio would be absolutely horrible for a PG at 1.72. 

He couldn't shoot, pass, rebound or play defense. I'm not sure what he could do to help a team win. And the fact is his teams didn't win. He was barely .500 in the regular season (465-448) and absolutely awful in the playoffs (30-41) 

He was also the leading scorer on the worst olympic team in history in 2004. They lost more games that year than USA basketball had lost in the 68 years prior...combined. They got blown out by Puerto Rico. Seriously, I should be able to grab 12 random college players and beat Puerto Rico by 50. 

What did Iverson ever do that made people think he was a decent player? 


@anon- You don't need NBA experience to understand facts and logic. The fact is I understand strategy and how to win. I have a degree in economics (game theory) and an expert level chess rating. I competed in probably a half dozen sports at a national level and had an opportunity to try out for the olympic team in another sport. Even though I'm slow and white and not particularly athletic I have a ton of experience in understanding what it takes to win in sports and games. 

Update 2:

(con) Also, I wasn't a terrible basketball player. While I didn't play organized ball I could hold my own in streetball in some of the biggest cities in the country. 

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  • Steve
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    If you break down every players game, you may see some flaws. Not every one is great at everything. With Iverson, I do not believe a player that I know of (thatd be 80s to today) has ever done more with less. Though the 76ers werent serious contenders, they did make a Finals appearance. Maybe the stars just aligned properly for that to happen, but they made it. I dont think that it can be denied, though not the greatest %s, Iverson was fun to watch.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    you seem to have made a good case. i too think he was overrated. he was undersized and like you said couldn't shoot, and liability on defense. he was also a ball hog. i think the league found his image marketable. he became a superstar because of that.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Care to share your NBA experiences with us ?

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