Why do trade school kids hate college kids?

In school it seems like a lot of the kids going for trades do not like kids going to college. The trade school students talk crap constantly about kids going to college, but the people going to college never talked crap about the trade school students. Why is that? Is it envy? 


P.S. I'm not asking for arguments, but I just want to know why they do this. It gets to the point where it seems very harsh. 

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  • John
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    1 month ago
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    I have found that only a small minority of non-college grads have a chip on their shoulder over not going to college.  Those people, however, are very annoying and also very obvious about displaying their inferiority complex over the issue.  They are the people who constantly say things such as, "I know plenty of people who make more money than college grads." "i never went to college but I've got common sense." And the like.

    On a comical note, such jealousy in not only reserved for those not going to college.  As an amateur photographer, I have visited Princeton University many times to shoot sports and cultural events. Despite the fact Princeton is always among the top 5 schools in the world , Harvard carries more prestige. When Princeton plays Harvard in water polo, the normally gracious Tiger parents transform into quite a hyper lot.  The parents are always much more intense when the Crimson is the opponent.  The attitude is, "That will teach those Harvard preppies who's really the best!"  :-)

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Because University Kids abuse real Job seekers

    My Neighbours son after 10 years as a plumber owns his own Business takes home 150,000 a year

    and the Kid that went to Uni got a degree could not get Full-time work ad to go back to Uni and take a degree that got him a Job as a teacher in a Private school still not earning 150,000 a year

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