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PMS or pregnant?

I thought my period was coming when I started cramping last week I spotted brown for 2 days and the cramping stopped after the first day. Then nothing. This week my breasts are aching starting yesterday and I woke up this morning fatigued and had a headache and it's been like this all day...I took a nap and had light cramping for only a couple of hours then it went away...but I am still so so exhausted and sleepy and a little irritable too. I will say that pregnancy is a possibility because I har unprotected sex the week of July 27th I just didn't think it will and dont want it to happen. If I am I think it's too early to test so has any women experienced these symptoms before a period? My last period was sometime around July 10th. 

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    Since your symptoms are not exclusive to pregnancy - there is no way to know for sure until you can take a pregnancy test.  

    If the symptoms are being caused by pregnancy - you would get a positive test right now.  Pregnancy hormones cause early pregnancy symptoms.  If the hormones aren't strong enough to show up on a test, then they aren't the cause of your fatigued, headache, and aching breasts.

    I have had those symptoms many times and not been pregnant and also not had a period.  Those are very generic issues that can happen for many reasons.  (and possibly not one reason causing all things.)

    At 21 days after sex, a test is accurate.  Anything before that could be a false negative.  

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