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How do I become fluent in another language?

I'm 17 living in Wyoming and always wanted to speak another language fluently. How do I do it?

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    The same way to get to Carnegie Hall:  practice, practice, practice.  

    Language is a habit.  Label everything you can with post-it notes.  Every time your eye falls on a label, you use that word in a complete sentence out loud.  If you're just beginning to study a language, of course those sentences will be in present tense.  As you learn more tenses, use those in your sentences.  You will be teaching yourself to *think* in that language. 

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    You can attend classes, even if online, through your local community college, or advertise on Craigslist for a tutor to teach you a useful foreign language.

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    Studying, talking with other people who are learning the language as well (or natives of course), listening to music and watching film in the language you're studying with English subtitles.

    In general using the language will help you a lot, just study the vocabulary and the grammar it's boring and don't allow you to speak fluently a foreign language

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    I lived overseas twice for 9 years.  The #1 BEST way to learn another language is to MOVE to a country that speaks that language.

    Thanks to all my vacations and traveling, I knew "something" in 14 languages while in my 20s.

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