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Why does Biden do better in the polling when he stays in his basement and Trump's numbers go up when Biden wanders outside?

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    Cant wait for the debates 

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    Incompetence on the one part ( Biden's handlers)  are supposed to keep him on his medication and hand feed him the question that will be asked and the answers to give but ...If you have even seen an out of control dementia patient it all make sense

    Source(s): Factual info ....."for your eyes only"
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    Biden and Kamala will win

  • 1 month ago

    trump's numbers went up? Hahahahaha. Cite something.

    trump's approval numbers have never, ever been above 49%.

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  • 1 month ago

    Because Biden is exposed as a Neoliberal, Jew loving Wall Street hack whenever he steps outside.

    People want to believe he is a relatable, working class guy who cares about America when he stays in. But that’s not who he is. 

    Not that I have any sympathy for Trump who is an utter failure in every sense 

  • well, Joe is i a real Orator

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