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not sure what to do?

me & my boyfriend have been together a little over a year and I love him sometimes but he makes it really hard to love him, he’s constantly cheated on me multiple times with multiple women, contracted an std, lied to me, and probably the worst thing he did was steal my phone and kick me out onto the street with nothing the next day after leaving the hospital for emergency surgery, you’re probably like why are you even with him? I know right, I’m stupid, & also pretty desperate because I’m poor I don’t have a car or a license I’m barely 19 he’s 27, my house with my family is very toxic so I like to escape to him but I just feel so defeated, everytime I’ve tried to leave he “Tries” to kill himself, it’s been maybe 3 months now I haven’t caught him cheating but also I don’t try to look anymore because I’d rather save myself the anxiety, I get really bad panic attacks. Now he’s acting like the biggest asshole, because at the beginning of this month I made an onlyfans behind his back, yes I know it was wrong but I’m desperate for money, he started calling me a hoe and saying he didn’t care if I died, but he literally cheated on me MULTIPLE times with girls from onlyfans, I didn’t understand how I’m so horrible for doing it just for money but he’ll pay other random girls whatever they desire but won’t even help me out, now everytime I ever say anything he turns it into a huge argument and says “well you made an onlyfans deal with the consequences” even though 


*coninue* even though I didn’t have the onlyfans a whole week, and he’ll start making me feel bad & I never even bring up his cheating anymore even though he has cheated on me literally every single month we have been together, on my birthday, while I was in surgery, and if I bring it up he’ll be like “I don’t care” and when I tell him he hurts my feelings he’ll say “F*ck your feelings” a few days ago I found out he had his ex girlfriend on his will and I asked him about it he turned around and 

Update 2:

*continue* he got extremely mad at me for even asking about it, but I felt like I had a right to be upset about him having his ex on the will when we’ve been together for more than a year (he also cheated on me with her more than once) he got so angry and didn’t even want to talk to me so I apologized and kissed his *** so we could just be happy because I really hate arguing and conflict, I’d rather just deal with it alone, then yesterday I went out with my friend and she has a new boyfriend

Update 3:

*continue* so I told him about how she picked me up in her boyfriends car cause he lets her borrow it & he left some money with her Incase she was hungry etc and I said it to him smiling like Aw isn’t that cute and he turned around and got so angry it actually shocked me because I didn’t understand why, and he started being mean saying I don’t give a f*ck about what he does for her don’t expect me to do that for you, I’ll never do that for you and saying why would I even bring that up to him

Update 4:

*continue* and he started saying that to go find another boyfriend if I want to be treated like that because he’ll never do that for me, and it’s like this all the time he blows up over me just saying anything and I’ll be the one trying to make it right, sometimes I feel like it’s all my fault because I made an onlyfans but at the same time he has cheated on me so many times literally had s*x with them and all I was doing was trying to make money i don’t know give me your opinions 

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    You need to get a job, find another place to live either with your toxic family or elsewhere (maybe with a friend or relative), get your driver's license, and GET THE F*** out of that relationship. That's my advice. Take it or leave it. Also it would help if you at least TRIED to use punctuation when you write so that it's not so difficult to read. Best of luck!

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