QUestion about "destination" for milage tracking for doordash?

So i just started doordashing and I've looked into getting the everlance app and I did my first dash and calculated my milage. This turned out to be 21.2 miles which i started tracking from my first order destination to my last order destination

Wondering if this is acceptable for my milage log 


Destination:Denver metro area

Business Purpose: Doordash

Milage: 21.2 miles

Do I have to put down a specific address (I dashed to multiple locations) or is "Denver metro area" and acceptable destination for irs reporting records

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    If you ever get audited they would prefer to see a log showing every single trip with a notation of the odometer readings. Alternately, note the odometer reading at the beginning and the end of each period you were solely driving for D.D. and also note how many stops you made. It's quick to photograph the odometer but I recommend keeping a paper notebook instead so you don't have to transcribe later.

    YOU SHOULD BE CALCULATING HOW MUCH THAT TRIP COST YOU. When you include insurance cost, gasoline and oil, tire wear, maintenance and vehicle depreciation, the average small sedan costs over 60 cents per mile to operate. That trip ultimately cost you at least $13, and you got paid how much? You're probably not earning enough to replace your car when it wears out due to excessive mileage. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    No clue what you are talking about.  Maybe you could transfer your question to the business section.

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