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Doctor of philosophy ?

What is a doctor of philosophy (PhD) philosophy is a way of thinking about a particular thing right?

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    A PhD must contain original research to in-depth level.

  • John P
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    1 month ago

    The practices of philosophy requires precision in thought and writing. Please learn to write with good grammar and punctuation before asking serious questions about philosophy.

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    A doctor of philosophy was initially a person who was granted the right to teach by a medieval university. Nowadays the PhD or DPhil is the highest academic title in some countries, above the BA and MA degrees.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I'm married to a doctor of philosophy and raised another one. (The loser child has a PhD in another field.) (That's a joke.)

    What both my PhD in philosophy family members do is think rationally, examining evidence at its source, themselves as individuals removed from the process as much as possible.

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  • j153e
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    1 month ago

    The educational system has routinized study and scholarship, and has taken on the responsibility of determining what is true or right thinking, etc.

    In the educational levels above high school, there are three general levels:  bachelor's, master's, and doctor's.  There is a significant amount of featherbedding, or cronyism, in the educational system.  This is not surprising, as many humans may tend to such meritless behavior.

    The truth-work correspondence of education and productive labor is most clearly metricized in the hard sciences and engineering, and math/programming.  Either one has the ability and learning to do a task, or not, kind of a pass-fail in the clear atom-based metrics of energy cause and effect.

    When doctorates of less easily accountable kinds are awarded, typically either the Ph.D. teaches others what she's learned, or/and pursues research.  If she has a Ph.D. in Classics or some similar less-marketable area, that's kind of a niche.  There are many differing degrees (no pun intended) of "Ph.D.," and the better universities generally award more "quality of truth-work correspondence" doctorates.  There are many middle-management positions, typically at universities, which have a kind of "swampiness," and unsurprisingly there are numerous Ph.D.s that fit in with such bureaucratic shtick.

    So, yes, a Ph.D. is a learned way of thinking about a particular thing, often a comparatively detailed thing, with concomitant training as how to do research.  However, a B.S. or sometimes a B.A., an M.S. and usually an M.A. provide learned ways of thinking about a particular thing, handling a particular set of problems in a given trade (e.g. psychotherapy), etc.

    Generally, marketable skills are what drive free market or "American white privilege" (also, Indian, Ghanaian, Taiwanese, Argentinian, etc.) economies, and if a society can be flipped into a fantasy socialist reset, then quality either declines as "2 = 2 can equal 5 if the party says so" (Soviet model) or nationalization and dictation of production quotas and directions for companies occurs (present PRC model), with the individual worker becoming a unit in a state-as-god.

    So, it is well to know self, and one's interests, and plan to purchase training in a vocation you enjoy, find invigorating and not unduly stressful or rat-racy, and gauge your progress by e.g. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maslow's_hierarchy_o...  For example, if you find you simply adore/are concerned with all things Canadian, you may major in Duke Uni's "Canadian Studies" program, preparing you for teaching Canadian studies in the U.S. or Canada, working in a museum of Canadian culture, etc.  If you love the sound of bagpipes, Carnegie Mellon Uni offers a degree in "Bagpiping," which qualifies you for teaching bagpiping or even bagpiping in some Canadian orchestra....If you are concerned about Canadian culture, you may wish to keep bagpiping in Scotland or American, but if you love both Canada and bagpiping, no telling the employment opportunities, particularly if you add a law degree, in order to defend bagpiping, and perhaps even a second degree in Scottish ethnic studies would be helpful.  San Francisco State Uni. has an entire College of Ethnic Studies https://ethnicstudies.sfsu.edu which proudly points to the higher graduation rates of its majors, than SF State as a whole...which, according to some possibly kvetching professors in physics, etc., may be more reflective of the grading policies and standards of the College, and the level of facticity or truth-productivity correspondence...i.e., apparently few who major in Ethnic Studies acquire workplace skills in physics, maths, chemistry, engineering, computer programming, etc.  However, there are numerous positions in unis for ethnic studies coordinators, teachers of ethnic studies, etc., so it may a lucrative major if one walks the talk.

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    A (PhD) is someone who has passed all the relevant university exams etc.

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    Wrong. It's to do with the spleen. It's an organ. In your guts. Hope this helped.

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