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Im back to my start weight the last time I lost weight, its a bit demotivating?

Last time I lost weight it dropped off quite easily although it did slow down after a while

After a bad breakup I ended up putting the weight back on and a couple stone more

Ive lost the extra couple of stone so now im back to my start weight last time

The weight loss has slowed down slightly and its a bit depressing im where I started last time after losing weight!

How can I keep motivated? 

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  • 2 months ago

    Here are a few thoughts:

    1. Look at this as a permanent lifestyle change, not a diet. Select an eating plan that you can stick to for the next 40 years, not just the next 4 months.

    2. Look at your weight and weight loss goals as health goals, not just weight or size. Being overweight put you at significantly higher risk of arthritis, cancer, diabetes, heart failure, stroke, and complications from COIVD-19. You are doing this for your health.

    3. Look into books or even counseling about emotional eating. People who use food as comfort when then are sad, mad, stressed, etc. need to not only deal with the underlying issues related to those emotions but also find healthier outlets for them going forward.  

    4. Understand that your nutrition and other lifestyle choices directly impact your physical and mental wellbeing.  You want to maximize your potential in life. To do that you need a body and brain that are functioning optimally, and that requires you to eat the right amounts of the right nutritious foods and get daily exercise and plenty of sleep.

    5. Your value as a human being is not based on your weight or clothing size, but you will feel better, be more confident and have more energy if you are a healthy weight and body composition. 

  • Maye
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    2 months ago

    Has happen to me too and now I’m closer to my goal weight. I just say keep going and don’t look back. Don’t focus too much on the past that you had already lost the weight that you need to lose again just take it day by day 

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