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My friends weightloss is fast but mine is really slow?

My friend and I decided to lose weight

Im smaller than my friend but we are both self conscious of how we look

Initially the weight came off quite well, but now its really slowed down.

My friend on the other hand is getting constant results and its getting me down as im happy for her, but im putting in effort and not getting fast results like her

Ive asked for tips but to be honest we are pretty much doing the same things

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    2 months ago

    Every person's body is different. Some people can lose weight easily, others can't. Some people gain weight easily, others don't. You two could eat the EXACT same foods, in the same amounts and do the EXACT same workouts at the same intensity and might not see the same fat loss or muscle gain results. 


    Also understand that if you are still doing the same things you were doing when you first started losing weight, your body has adapted to what you are doing. You lost weight so at a lower weight your body's calorie needs are less, so unless you decrease your calorie intake or increase your calorie burn, you're not going to see the same rate of fat loss (or maybe none at all, as you may be at a maintenance level with your calorie intake vs calories burned). 

  • Etta
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    2 months ago

    The heavier a person is the quicker the weight comes off but theirs will also slow down soon but diets don't work long term, you have to change your eating pattern for life

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