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Will my boss think im ignorant/rude?

Im worried my boss thinks im ignorant as I can come across as offish to people but dont mean to. The other day we were on our own and he said ‘katie, you know I appreciate you don’t you’. Im not great socially so went quiet and said ‘uh yea’ he said ‘good, just want you to know’. After a silence i didnt know what to say said ‘ i appreciate all of you (the team) too’. He said ‘its just rare you know to get staff you can rely on’. I ignored it compleyely but i wish i could gave told him how much his support has meant to me. But no, im **** at thinking on the spot. 

Today he was in the office with another collegue nina and the other collegue said that a monthly task id written was very professional and she’d not had one like that before. My boss said I’l have to have a look/take some tips then’. I said ‘it’l end up getting worse over time’ (no idea why i said this). My boss said to the collegue ‘she always has to put a negative twist on praise doesnt she, she cant take a compliment can she nina. 

I dont want to come across as ignorant but am worried i do expecially after the first event. I just can never think what to say

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    smile and say that you. you don't have to complicate it any more than that.

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