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Car Accident settlement ?

I got into a side swipe accident back in April. I have 6 herniated discs 1 bulging disc urinary issues and bowel incontnence . How much should I expect to get for a settlement? I have 12,000 dollars in medical bills over 5,000 in future medical bills  7750 in lost wages and 1400 in property damages. 

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    You will have to find out how much liability insurance the other driver has.  Your case could be worth $500,000 if there was that much coverage.

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    No one where would know the answer because we do not know the other drivers liability limits.  Insurance only pays up to whatever limit you have on the policy.   In California the minimum limit is $15,000 per person for injuries so if that is all they hav

    e then that is all you get.    You might want to post your state for more help.

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    Depends on your policy, the other drivers' policy and the insurance laws WHERE the accident occurred. All of those things can limit payouts for liability, but not knowing the details we cannot tell you. If you ask me, being an anonymous poster, this is just another made up TROLL STORY. 

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    Talk to your insurance lawyer.  If you do not have one right now, get one.

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