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How do I force my dog to defecate?

My dog is a 2 year old Bernese Mountain Dog. About 10 minutes ago, I caught her eating her own feces in the backyard. I've never seen her do this before, and I don't know why she did it. Can I mix laxatives or a chopped up prune into her dog food to make her defecate again?

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    That is what dogs do as they age. It is a sign that it is time to put the dog down.,  Giving the animal laxatives will not relieve the multitude of diseases that the dog will expose the ground soil and water system to.  Put the dog down now or face spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills, housing related cost due to the damage that the dog now will cause.  The dog will damage not only your home, but everyone in the vicinity of the dog.,  Please, put the dog down.

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    You can start by picking up after your dog, then it won't eat its own poop as its owner has cleaned up and there is nothing there to eat

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    Unrealistic expectations.

    (c/p) Poop Eating Is Normal for Dogs and Puppies

    Fortunately, dogs do not need to get nutrition this way. It is, however, a normal, natural behavior at some canine life stages. Mother dogs will lick their puppies to urge them to eliminate, and clean up their feces by eating it, for about the first three weeks after birth.May 13, 2020

    Why Dogs Eat Poop and How to Stop It – American Kennel › ... › Health › Common Conditions

    This is the first site that came up when I google, 'dog eating own poop'.  For more information google that & learn more about it & how to stop it.

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    You don't!!  The first time I saw this in my lot was with my foundation b itch, when she was pregnant which might have suggested there was something missing in her diet at that particular time.  Neither of my two boys (who came first) ever did this.   After her, I had to watch them and PICK UP pretty much immediately or this could happen.  I subscribe to the idea that the cheap the food (cereal based) the more it tends to go right through their digestive system and come out the other end still marginally 'appealing'.  It's yuck to us, but not to dogs!!

    She's just recycling so fgs do not give her any form of laxative or you'll have diarrhoea!!

    I've tried most things to stop this, but the ONLY thing that really works is to be right there, and pick up immediately.   And look to what you are feeding so what comes through is pretty much all waste.   Oh and I tended to go with 4 - 5 hours to digest food but I suppose it could be longer ......

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