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If I often eat flavored yoghurts with oatmeal, will I support muscle building and fat loss?

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    Fat loss needs a calorie deficit. So as long as you are consuming fewer calories than your body uses, you should see some fat loss. Muscle building needs a calorie excess (to include plenty of protein). While a person can build muscle and lose fat at the same time, it's a balancing act. The article below provides some info on that, and you can search further for yourself on how to build muscle and lose fat at the same time.


    Yes, yogurt and oatmeal can be part of a healthy eating plan, although many of the flavored yogurts contain added sugar and some artificial ingredients, so you may want to switch to a cleaner alternative (plain yogurt and add honey or some other, natural flavors).

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    No. Oatmeal and sweetened, flavored yogurt are mostly carbs and sugar, which is fuel for your cells, but also increases fat storage.  For fat loss and muscle development, you want to ditch the carbs from grains and sweeteners and fruit, and maybe eat a bit more protein.  

    Any grain, where it is "whole" or "processes" is a carbohydrate. Whole grains can take longer to digest, but they also have lectins (the outer protection for the plant) which can cause inflammation just like sugar can.  Fruit, even fresh fruit, is high in sugar for the amount of other nutrients, so keep fruit consumption to small portions of berries in season.

    Check out Thomas DeLauer on YouTube for detailed plans on how to lose fat and build muscle on a keto diet. 

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    Flavored yogurt and instant oatmeal have a lot of added sugar and garbage in them. I make overnight oats with unflavored high fat Greek yogurt and real oats. No added processed sugar, just mashed banana and some cinnamon for sweetness. But in all honesty, neither do anything for muscles. Whole grains and fat keep you FULL, yes, but if you want to build muscles, you need protein. Eggs are the classic morning staple, so you can switch it up by making a veggie scramble here and there. 

    I've eaten full-fat and whole grains for almost two years now and have maintained my 35 pound weight loss that way. I'm not interested in building muscle, but good protein from the source is always best. Avoid those bars and powders. Get it from real food.

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