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Is it true that women who has standards are the ones that end up single for the longest time?

I'm a girly girl! With Pretty legs and sexy feet! And I have a cute face, and a sweet smile! 

But I have a specific preference in men. I want a man with a decent job, a great relationship with his mother, and can treat me like a princess! I'm a narcissist, and I want a lot of attention. I want my boyfriend to call me every day and tell me how pretty I am.

But the girls out there who just take whatever man they can get their hands on are the ones in a relationship, while I stay single for extended periods of time.

Is it true that women who has standards are the ones that end up single for the longest time?

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    There are standards... and then there are unrealistic expectations. You, my dear, have unrealistic expectations. Narcissists generally are unlikely to ever have healthy relationships with anyone unless they get their tendencies under control, so your problem is not your "standards." It's that you won't accept that men don't exist solely to please you. They are people with wants and needs of their own, and men with healthy psyches and solid senses of self worth are going to run like hell from someone with your personality profile.

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    No.  I think the ones who know what they want and hold out until they get it are the ones that end up with long-term relationships that are stable because they get the man of their choice and the man is obviously attracted by that sort of woman.  Nothing wrong with knowing what you want.  Why grab second best?

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    A lady who wants a boyfriend can almost always get a boyfriend AND keep that boyfriend long term if only she lowers her standards sufficiently. The lady who requires that a boyfriend be well groomed and treat her respectfully is more likely to have periods of flying solo than the lady who is willing overlook poor personal hygiene and disrespectful behavior in a boyfriend, you know? 

    Which is better? Partnering up with some guy you don't care for much to avoid flying solo? Or flying solo to avoid partnering up with some guy you don't care for much? That's up to you. 

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    i have high  standards - i am with a man who has a high paying job who takes care of everything

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    It's simple mathematics....

    The more you insist on having in a man (or woman), the fewer people there are who can fulfill that list.  That decreases the probability of finding someone who meets all of those qualities and wants to be in a relationship with you.

    You also make things sound like an "either/or" proposition.  You either take the first man available, or you hold out for Prince Charming.   There's a lot of space in between.  You can have a man with a good job and is kind to you, but might take a day or two to hang out with his boys.

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    Your standards of written English are not very high, are they?! Of course it may not be your first language.

    It all seems rather shallow to me - how pretty your feet are, wanting to told by a boyfriend, etc. You come across as being a little insecure and lightweight.

    As for your question, it is rather too general to answer specifically.

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