What does my nightmare mean?

I had a dream that I woke up sobbing from. In my dream I was watching myself but I looked a little different. I was watching myself tell a story about trying to get pregnant. Long story short I got pregnant but then I miscarried. After i miscarried I watched myself spiral into an intense depression. I was watching myself, dream me knew she was me but she just looked like a different person but it was me. I sobbed while watching this other version of me sobbing over the loss of our baby and then I watched myself commit suicide. I did nothing to help or stop myself and I started crying so hard after seeing myself die that I woke up sobbing my eyes out. 

Any dream interpreters out there can tell me why I just watched a different version of myself miscarry and kill myself? 

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  • 5 months ago
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    Wow, that is a pretty harsh dream.  First of all,  are we dealing with a real longing for children, or was that desire just a part of the dream?  I am going to assume you want children, and that is why you dreamed of it.  Perhaps you are having difficulty conceiving a child, as in your dream?  It is an extremely emotional dream, as both you and the dream woman woke up crying, and she kills herself.  She wishes for Life to grow within herself, and yet she Kills the Life within herself.  There is much contradiction in her, and she represents you.  So Look to your inner being, and ask yourself,  where is the confusion of contradiction within you?  Forget the dream and just deal with you, and your wish for children, and see if there is a problem with your desire for having children or your attemps to become pregnant.  

  • 5 months ago

    doesn't sound like a dream at all does it?  but a memory...Yes i think so 

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