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i will kill you, why should i die? why shud i cry? ever felt this way, to destory the power source. one individual?


i would have tolerated. but i lost too much and am a complete laughing stock to the world.

1. he says wait wait americans wait.

2. americans dont wait for me. dont give 2 cents what i do

3. his minions asking mocking question. 

4. my parents are dead because of him

5. have no brain power

6. what the hell i am living for but he has no right to smile.

Update 2:

i tried to stay positive mr cab. but he has been feeding me lies. and telling me to wait.\

am i some princess here that i can wait?

am i an established celebrity?

do i have merit.

He just talks nonsense. after many months of trying to forgive him. It is just too much now.

Update 3:

i blame him solely for my parents death. that was the last straw. he has no right to smile anymore. after seting fire to my world

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  • CAB
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    2 months ago

    WTF are you going on about?

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