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EU residency?


I'm looking to buy a van and travel Europe. I'm a citizen of Portugal but I don't have EU residency. What's the easiest country to attain residency to register the vehicle? I was looking at Germany. Any suggestion on accomodation for residency anmeldung?


I'll be buying the van in the Netherlands

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    OP here. As far as I know, I need to live and have a physical address in the country to attain residency. Residency entails having a tax payer number and several other attributes as well as registration. Based on me saying I have citizen ship and not residency, that should be indicative of me being a duel citizen with residency elsewhere. Due to me wanting to travel Europe but not having residency it should be indicative again, that I'm here based on the rights of EU citizens and not with residence.

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    How can you be a citizen of Portugal & not have residency in Portugal & EU residency rights? Either you are not a citizen of Portugal but on some sort of visa (or not legally present), or you've been living elsewhere (on what sort of terms?) What's really the case here as this is not clear at all. If you are a citizen of Portugal, you live in Portugal & register your vehicle there.

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    You have Portuguese nationality and (presumably) some other non EU nationality and you live in the country of your other nationality but you failed to tell us where.  Right so far?  Now you want to buy a van in the Netherlands.  For that you will need a physical address.  That address has to match your driving licence and insurance. 

    So your choices (from least to most expensive) are to buy a van in the country where you live and drive it into Europe, rent the van or get a place to live in the EU, register yourself as living there and pass their driving test.  Germany is expensive, if you do option 3 go for one of the cheaper countries.  You will need some language skills.

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    "I'm a citizen of Portugal but I don't have EU residency" Last tiime I looked Portugal is an EU country, so of course you have EU residency......... you already know that to settle in another EU country as an national of one of the EU countries, you automatically acquire the right of permanent residence in another EU country if you have lived there legally for a continuous period of 5 years..... you already know you can live/work in any and need to be self supporting, so get a job within 3 months and/or you have enough money saved to live on as you are not eligible for 'benefits' from that country

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