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Is Criticism of the A level algorithm justified?

I'm not sure it is.  Obviously it isn't fair to give the same grades to a college with poor historic results as to one with great results - so yeah it would be possible to make an argument that it's unfair to poor students, if you ignore the fact that private schools have much better results.

Everyone knows teachers are prepared to give high predicted grades to students that they think could get them, but the likelihood always was that they wouldn't

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    I couldn't see how assessing grades could be fair when it was first announced. It involves too many subjective and potentially prejudiced decisions, even in the design of the algorithm. And how come students at private schools have largely escaped the statistical moderation process of their teacher assessed grades?

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    No. Schools have a vested interest in bumping up their success rate, so it needs to be moderated in line with previous years if the results for those people who actually sat the exam are not to be devalued. It does expose under-performing schools, of course, but they seem to be projecting that on to the pupil's socio-economic background.

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