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Am i being deliberately ignored? ?

My girlfriend hadn't been replying to my my messages for a few days then she blocked me on Facebook and Snapchat luckily not on Instagram , i later received a message from her on WhatsApp. 

It looked like her friend was using her phone and told me that she was gonna be off social media as she was going through stuff. Its now been nearly 6 weeks and i haven't heard anything i sent her a few messages occasionally to see if she is alright but no reply she viewed my messages twice but no reply. 

But this is where i feel im being ignored shes been posting stuff on her Instagram and liking and commenting on her friend's posts it kinda annoys me that shes capable of replying to her friend but not me or am i being too needy?

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  • 2 months ago

    No, you're not being needy at all. Confront her about it, it's wrong she's posting and liking posts but not being able to msg you back. I wish you luck

  • g
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    2 months ago

    Six weeks with nothing and now you're questioning if you're "being ignored"??? Dude, the fat lady already sang on this one. It's over.

    Understand if she were your girlfriend, she'd have talked to you and explained it herself. Her friend wouldnt have intervened and the girlfriend wouldbt have allowed it. Drop your fantasy dream relationship and open your eyes. Go live your life, without her.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    No, you need her to tell you straight out what is/was wrong. After 6 weeks, and no reply...Move on.  If you can get to her face to face, you need to tell her how bad she is/was to you.  I wish you al the best and you find a girl that will care about you.

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