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What's the point on larger fines for non-mask wearers if no one is enforcing it anyway?


The mask is little protection to the wearer, but it is a very big protection to others if the wearer has COVID without knowing - so not wearing a mask is risking the health of others, not just your own.

Update 2:

I saw one girl told to put her mask back on in the post office - next time I went in a week later - half the people had none - pathetic!  Not even a sign saying you must wear a mask

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     1) there is NO legal requirement to wear a "mask" AT ALL- only a nose and mouth covering

      you COULD just use a scarf if you wanted to

    2) a "mask" - gives NO protection to the wearer only those around the wearer

    3)  you can ONLY catch the virus from somebody who has it - If they aint GOT it then mask or not YOU cant catch it

      so NOW you are into probabilities - How likely are YOU to be close enough to somebody WITH the virus for you to catch it.

     (remember- they may not have it - BUT they could have already had it (with or without their knowledge) but got better

     FYI - I believe I have already had it but I have NO WAY of finding out cos the government does NOT test anybody to find out if they got the antibodies

      YOU yourself may also have unknowingly had the virus and now have immunity

     but YOU have no way of finding out either)   

     and even if they DO have it how likely are you to catch it from them?

    3) - how safe do you wanna be?

    as of 14th -there were only an average of 10 deaths/day in the whole of England

    and around 1100/day people diagnosed with it

    so infection rate is increasing BUT deaths are decreasing

      (10 deaths/day is less than those killed in traffic accidents)

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    I do not know what country you are in, but in some countries they have penalties for not wearing masks, and they enforce them. 

    By the way, that line we have been told that masks do not protect the wearer, is nonsense. If a mask stops germs going out, it stops germs coming in too. I wear a mask to protect myself. 

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    According to the government website nobody is allowed to ask why you aren't wearing a mask. Many people can't tolerate them and should not be vilified for not wearing one. They are pointless anyway as most don't even fit properly. I would only use shops that don't enforce it as it's a form of control.

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    No point whatsoever.

    This lot don’t seem to have grasped that laws are pointless unless they can be enforced.

    It reminds me of another Tory howler from the Thatcher years, that you can only keep a video recording for 48 hours, then you have to wipe it. That one was classic.

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    Some shops such as Asda and Sainsbury aren't enforcing the law and the police can't be everywhere. 

    I advise everyone to avoid those supermarkets and shop at Aldi who does enforced it.

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    The theory is that a larger fine is a bigger deterrent, theories don't always work in practice. 

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    It is being enforced but it is costly to do so and fining is a last resort. People have been fined for refusing to cover up on public transport.

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    1 month ago

    Discipline the weak. ;-)

    Don't worry. Those with a death wish will get their comeuppance. 🥴 

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