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My friends are having a going away party, but a few of the guests are people I hate (and vice versa)?

I want to see my friends off. But I'm feeling a lot of negative emotions (mainly fear and anger) about three of the guests. One of them is my ex boyfriend and the other two are his best friends. It was a horrid relationship, we were both very toxic and abusive towards each other, however, they have blamed the entire failure of the relationship on me (he refuses to be honest about his part in everything and says/implies I was the only one who messed up while he was an angel and did nothing. But even if he did admit it, they'd just make excuses for him and claim that I deserved it).

Not just that, but a lot of the other guests are close friends of theirs who have taken aboard the horrible things they've said about me (much of which is severely exaggerated or outright untrue). So it may be very difficult to talk to other people because they'll just assume I'm a horrible person and snub/brush me off. Plus, my social skills are and always have been atrocious. I have horrid anxiety and my self esteem is pretty low. So they have a huge one-up on me in that area.The best case scenario is they will just ignore me and other people will still talk to me. But one of the friends is very mentally unstable (has very severe anger issues and poor impulse control) and has a history of publicly starting sh*t. There is a small chance that he will become violent/aggressive towards me, especially if there's alcohol involved.What can I do to get through this?

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