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What zodiac sign does each woman sound like ? ?


1 She is indepent , direct , strong , tough , stubborn , fearless , quiet , caring , bad temper but forgiving , doesnt hold grudges

She love freedom and hate noisy places

She believe human are born evil

She is in her own world , perfectionist 

She is caring too she put her grandmother first and she has encouraging side , moods chage like weather , hard working 

She is big hearted , escapist , big hearted , loves cats 

She believe eyes is the window of the soul

She is transparent  

Update 2:

2  WOMAN She is indepedent , strong , tough , kind ,justice , empathetic , spontanseous , unthoughtful , laidback , unambitious , risk taker , incredbily vain , protect the weaker kind

She is uncomprossing in love , perfectionist

but she will please her love one and hold no grudge and arrange thing very beautiful

She is sharp tounge but soft hearted

She is NOT romantic and love to watch horror movies

She will avoid her friend's hubby / boyfriend 

Update 3:

3 Woman

She is cheerfull , lively , outgoing , direct , tomboyish , easily touched

she is compassionate and empathetic

She help learning disablity people

She is blur , silly , has abit of temper

She laughs loudly , engertic , direct , ray of sunshine and good judgement of others

She like to arrange things very neatly and she is indecesive and like to hug others and big hearted and is animal lover

and tolerant with bad hyegeine and she will avoid her friend's hubby / boyfriend 

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