Help potty training my 2 and a half year old. ?

So we have been working on potty training my 2 and half year old for quite a while now. Back in April it seemed like we finally got it, 90 % of the time he'd let us know with exception of a couple accidents every now and then. At the end of May I gave birth to our 3rd baby and after that he regressed with the potty training bad. He doesnt let us know anymore, he has a lot of accidents and only goes potty if we remind him. He literally has a dirty diaper and doesnt care. When I want to take him potty sometimes he makes me chase him around the house. Last weekend I tried the 3 day method for the second time and figured he is older now so maybe it would work, and we had him with no clothing from the waste down and potty options everywhere. But it didnt work. I dont know what else to do, I know he is capable of doing it because he was basically potty trained already but he just doesnt want to. I do keep reminders on my phone every 20 minutes and sometimes he'll go but sometimes he goes on his trainer as soon as he gets up. I've tried only wearing undies as well but that only means tons of dirty undies for me as he doesnt care about being wet. He is a super smart boy, so advanced on speech by his age, knows so much stuff, knows all his colors, numbers from 1-20, how to dress himself, and so on. But he cant seem to care about being potty trained. Help!!!


Dont know if it's relevant fo anyone but hes back on the potty train car. He is letting us know and in a almost a week has only had about 2 or 3 accidents one of which he was sleeping. Thank you for your advice.

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    Is he craving attention?  Could be bad behavior.  If he thinks you are spending most of the time with the baby and he feels left out - try to involve him with looking after the baby.  Have him hold the diaper for example, while you remove the dirty one, and tell him babies have no control but "you're a big boy and you do have control and don't need a baby diaper anymore".  Call them baby diapers.  Then give him a baby toy and tell him that if he is going to act like a baby by requiring a baby diaper, then he might as well have this baby pacifier.  Then continue to involve him with the baby so he doesn't feel so left out.

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    As a senior citizen, there have been several sociological changes over the decades which have left me puzzled.  One of those changes is the modern belief that toddlers must be taught to count and read as tiny tots, but are incapable of being potty trained until they are between 2 and 4 years old. That is completely out of sequence. In the old days, parents started potty training when the youngster could first walk steadily.  Appealing to the toddler's pride in being a big boy or girl and praising the child was important to the process.  

    I'm afraid your toddler is probably too late for that type of PKITA (positive kick in the pants).  Consequently, some NKITA (negative kick in the pants) may be in order.  I would not suggest you earn the nickname given to my late MIL by kids in the family (Mammaw Whippet), but some kind of punishment acceptable in these modern times may be all that's available at this point.  

    On a related sociological note, you can bet modern parents wouldn't wait years to train their children if disposable diapers were outlawed.  Going back to having to clean cotton diapers would motivate parents, plus cut down on huge amounts of waste in landfills.

    As a final point, my MIL could potty train kids in no time.  

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    Jealous reaction to the new baby.

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