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Should I accept a friend request on Facebook from a person I don't know?

So there is this person that send me a friend request, and her account is locked, so I can't even view her profile picture. But it seems as though she studies at the university I go to and lives in my city. I accepted and then deleted her (thinking that it was a scam/hacker...but then a few minutes later she requested again. Should I accept or???

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    More than likely, that's a scammer perpetuating the fake account. You must never accept friend requests from people you don't know, especially from scammers. What you should have also done was do a Google image search to see if it's a fake profile.

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    No you should not its against Facebook TOS Terms of Service not to mention its also not Safe 

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    How could the person be a "Friend", if you don't know him.

    Facebook, is a "collectors" site,

    Collecting "Friends" is the game, How many do you have?

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