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How do i help my dog poop?

My dogs poop is stuck and only a little has come out of his butt and it's just hanging and if i try to pull it out gently he whines so what do i do? i cant  bathe him bc he just had a surgery.


took him to the vet, Pup is fine! just a little constipation. Thank you for the answers!

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    Take your dog to your Vet. They can help you with this and advise you on what to do for constipation, don't try over the counter human remedies, good way to poison your dog. Get him in, Good Luck! 

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    There are some laxatives which are designed specifically for dogs in this situation. To be on the safe side, ask an dog care expert of vet doctor close to you.

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    Don't touch it.  It is highly contaminated.  The dog leaves it there to eat it.  You have to know how hideous a dog is.  You own one.  It is time to put the animal down.,  This is an indication that the dog is now tracking it prey, which is you.  Unless you like going to the hospital for a multitude of disease, put the dog down.  You need a medical appointment yourself, because anyone talking about pulling dog **** out of the *** of a dog, needs to go to the mental hospital.  You are showing the signs of brain damage.  I had to cuss to get the point clear to you, of what it is you are actually doing.  When you get well you won't believe that you actually tried doing this.

  • Robert
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    If he's not in pain, I wouldn't worry about it. 

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    take your dog to animal hospital. do it quickly but very gently. 

    make your dog as comfortable as possible because he will try to keep behaving as if he were healthy because you told him it made you happy.

    and read the instructions the hospital gave you for your dog. its not a simple matter for animal surgery.

    be sure to listen to what the vet tells you too this time.

  • Ocimom
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    1 month ago

    Call the vet.  Do not try to do anything at home.

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    If you call the vet and tell him about this, he will ask questions to DETERMINE if the poop is constipated or runny or if the dog has INGESTED something (like long grass, or string) which may make the poop more difficult to pass and prone to hang up, as the long grass (or string etc.) is still trailing up in the dog's intestine.  Thin things like this ARE hard for dogs to PUSH OUT.

    My advice is to ADD warm water to the kibble food he is now eating to supply more moisture (which will make the stool easier to pass) and consider esp if you talk to the vet first, WHETHER he may need a tiny amount of olive oil added to the food, to help a dry stool pass better.  Normally, right before and AFTER surgery the dog is not allowed much water, so the dog MAYBE dehydrated - hence a dry and harder to PASS stool.

    Sure, caught or "glopped up" anal hairs - maybe an issue.  So try sponging the REAR end, not the surgical site & pat dry with a disposal washcloth, towel or paper towel.  WHETHER you need to trim any anal hair is up to YOU and/or your vet.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    It wont cost you anything to just call the vet. There could be a blockage or a complication from the surgery. Or it could just be very dry from the lack of food and you just need to be patient. If it's literally sticking out it needs removing and if you can't do it then he needs a vet. If you mean it's got caught in hair around his bum you could try shaving the hair away. I wouldn't recommend sicissors but if that's all you have and your careful, it's better than having poo hanging from hair. 

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    Logically, if he's only just had surgery, he won't have eaten much recently so there won't be much to come out.   If he has something hanging, it probably needs to be 'manually' eased out.   If you can't do that, see the operating vet.

    What kind of surgery did he have - thinking about a swab left in???

  • jean
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    1 month ago

    ring your local vet for advice (or the place your dog had surgery) You could mix some prune juice in with his food.

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