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Did Jordan play weak competition in last 3 yrs of the NBA?

I would say so if you look at it objectively alot of the teams he played in ECF and Finals could not win when he retired the first or 2nd time.  Jordan was very lucky that Rockets were no longer good enough to come out of the West and that Hakeem starting declining because I think hie would have taken a champ away from Mike... 

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    MJ was obviously at a different level, but if you're in the NBA there's a reason. I've seen good

    college players not even play in a descent league in Europe, and that's below the G-league.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    The worst team Jordan played would probably win 50 games nowadays. 

    First, you had the lockout the year after. The CBA that followed changed a lot of things but in particular was teams putting far more emphasis on athleticism over skill. Before 97, there were only 6 players to go from HS to the NBA and half of them made at least one all star game. Since 97, there have been 39 with only 7 making an all-star game. That's a lot of wasted talent. Most of those guys weren't ready for the NBA. If they had taken a couple of years to develop in college a lot of them might have been much better players. 

    The other thing is some of the rules changes like hand-checking. Teams don't really play defense nowadays. 

    So, the NBA of today has a lot less talent, very few 7 foot centers and hardly anyone plays defense. The NBA of today is a much lower quality league than it was in Jordan's time. 

    Look how the Olympic teams dominated in the 90s and then the 2004 team lost thee games including getting blown out by Puerto Rico as more proof.

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