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What should I do I can not afford to move out but I hate who I live with ?

I can’t get a room or apartment  and I have tried asking people if I can move with them but maybe I can keep asking. I live with someone who makes my life miserable.

I try to stay in my room but this person always bothers me  somehow. I avoid this person and still I get bothered

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    How did it happen you 2 got together in the FIRST place?   There must have been a reason you hit it off.

    You do not indicate what sex you are or age, so it could be a stage in your life or in theirs where it has become bothersome. MEANING IT COULD BE ALL YOUR FAULT.

    Are you on prescription medication?  Mention it to your doctor and if he is any damn good he will probably order a blood test to see where your levels are at.   Your meds can make you "stressed out" as you don't know it but you are under constant stress because the medication is too high.  Your doctor would know if the meds make you irritable....he will adjust you are more level headed.

    I know, I have been too much meds and have snapped at employers and told them to "FOK OFF"   Same issue with GF and she did "fok off"   I was angry at something (not her) but the anger overflowed to her and she is gone.  When I blew up at my new employer, I knew something was wrong. For normally I am a calm fellow.   

     Ah well; we learn about stuff.

    YOU ALWAYS GET BOTHERED?  MAYBE IT IS JUST YOU?    If the other person does not have this problem then they don't understand.

  • Judy
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    1 month ago

    plan for how you're going to get your finances in order so you CAN move out.

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