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Mix 200g of copper at 90 degrees C with 500g of water at 20 degrees C.?

The final temperature is 22.4 degrees C.

The temperature change of water is -2.44 degrees C and the temperature change of copper is 67.56 degrees C.

How much heat energy (q) did the water gain?

What is the specific heat (c) of copper?

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    I think you've got a few typos in your question. The final temperature must be 22.44 C which give the water a temperature change of +2.44 C since it gains heat.

    qwater = m c (T2-T1)

    q = 500 g (4.184 J/gC) (22.44 - 20.00) = 5104 J

    So, the copper must have lost -5104 J.

    For the copper:

    q = m c (T2-T1)

    -5140 J = 200 g (c) (22.44 - 90.00) 

     c = 0.378 J/gC

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