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Drunk customer called me fat girl and jiggled my belly? Has anybody ever dealt with a fatphobic customer like this?

I’ve been waitressing at a pub for about a month now as I just turned 21, and I have had zero problems with customers until last weekend . This skinny older woman who smelled of cigarettes and beer and is apparently a regular was being rather obnoxious and had nearly seven drinks within a two hour period.

    When she started being too loud and bothering two other customers I had to cut her off, and she started telling me she was fine and sober. I said to her ma’am I am no longer allowed to serve you alcohol, frankly you don’t need any more. As soon as I said that her entire tone changed and she started ridiculing me and called me a *****. And on top of that she told me fat girls don’t need to be wearing tank tops, not with that belly of yours. 

     And to make matters worse she reached out and grabbed my belly and jiggled it multiple times while I had my hands full of trays. After I set the trays down I went and reported her to my boss who had her leave the lot. But the problem is she’s still allowed to come back to the bar. And today she prodded my belly while I was taking her order bc my shirt had ridden up a little. My boss saw and the only thing he said was that I should’ve known my belly was hanging out. How the hell do I handle this regular customer? I absolutely cannot lose this job during this pandemic but this woman is driving me crazy and touches my belly every time she sees me now. 


I guess you’re right. I can’t stop her so I guess I just gotta roll with it when she plays with my belly 

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    You are working in "customer service". Your job is to keep the customer(s) happy. Your feelings are not a consideration. This regular and established customer found a way to have fun with you. Like it or not the boss kind of thinks it's fun too. You might try to get rid of the fat rolls. Then she couldn't jiggle anything on you. That might be what your boss is thinking too. If it comes down to a confrontation between a long time regular customer and the new hire, guess who will win? Get used to it.

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    Technically that is assault; unacceptable.  Do you raise your voice and shout don't touch me?  This will only get worse.  Ring the Police and follow through.  Would help if you had witnesses (any friends cone in to help here?).  Your boss totally sucks; you should find another job asap.  Tell him your intentions to ring the Police if she does it again, so he takes you seriously.  

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    maybe you should report her

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    lose some weight you ****** landwhale

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