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A gene has a base sequence of GTC. Due to a mutation, the base sequence changes to GTG.Answer the following questions using the codon table?

What amino acid is coded for by this sequence before the mutation? Hint: Use the codon table.

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    Assuming that the bases are on the "sense" strand of the DNA, the mRNA codon initially would be GUC which codes for Valine. The mutated codon would be GUG which also codes for Valine. This is an example of a silent mutation.

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    hcbiochem's answer is correct.  If your teacher wants some other answer, then she must

    o mark the 5' and 3' ends of the given fragment.  When you are grown up and a biologist, ALWAYS mark the 5' and 3' ends, and you will be a better biology teacher than the one you have now.

    o specify whether the given fragment is "sense" or "template."  When not specified, the standard is that you're given the "sense" strand.  Maybe your teacher doesn't know that.

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