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why does society tend to appeal towards more emotion than rationality ?

I think the problem with humans is that we let emotions overrun our logic

I think emotions are needed for humans but I think our logic and rational thinking is severely oppressed and lacking in society 


the fact that we still have wars in the name of religion, racial nationalism, political party tribalism, fear mongering, 

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    It's easier to be convincing when you appeal to people's feelings and emotions.  Feelings and emotions are 'conditioned responses', which are more convenient for people to rely on; whereas, logical and rational thinking requires more time, effort and energy.  If you can figure out people's general response patterns and habits the more likely you're able to win people over to your point of view.

    Advertisement and marketing firms have successfully made this an art and science.  Approximately 70% of commercials target the female audience, which makes up about two-thirds of the consumer market (even though they're a little over half of the population), because females are emotionally based than males.  Females are also more agreeable and sociable, which makes them more likely to share information. 

    Emotional triggers are programmed to the media-senses (sight and sound), which is why commercials typically have "soft and light" visuals and jingles to influence our memory when deciding what products and services to buy. Through repetition and reiteration, people are conditioned to remember and respond to what makes them "feel good", bypassing critical thinking and rational decision making.

    Society invites it in.  You cannot be made to feel how you don't want to feel.  People are more prone to choose comfort and convenience over hard work and effort.  Many people are indecisive when presented with multiple options, and unconsciously look for ways to have our decisions made for us.  This is why we allow tech companies to data mine our information, and use algorithms to select what we might be interested in.

    We assume that things run smoother if our choices are automatic.  Our K-12 education system and universities have even foregone teaching critical thinking, so that we become specialized in particular fields of study, before entering a career and the work force.  People are made to become easily replaced components in a complex system, where competition for jobs and positions of promotion are fierce.

    The bondage to our emotions inhibit upward mobility and keeps us powerless to change our circumstances, and reliant on a power structure (hidden in plain sight), that defines our value and worth for us.  When the aggrieved gather to "fight the "injustices" of society, they typically resort to overt displays of emotionality, shouting the vagaries of demands and empty slogans, as they've been conditioned to.  

    Even the names of social activist groups are cleverly devised as a marketing ploy to win over and appeal to the emotions of the masses.  The ruling classes of society have always sought ways to control and keep the "mob" at bay; which is why they sow seeds of division, so that we turn on each other, and the elites reap to spoils of our demise, and rebuild society in their image.


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    Current education has failed. Romanticism and Nordicism have overwritten enlightenment.

    You can choose what to read so that you can be more rational.

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    This is the new leftist generation primarily influenced by women.

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    It takes less effort to spout a regurgitated emotional response than the patient drawn out process of forming a rational argument.

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    People are emotional beings.  Take it up with the manufacturer - important thing is to realize that it is so.

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    People are not rational beings, although we are capable of reasoning. However, if emotion or feeling were taken away from us, we would be little more than machines in that logic or intelligence alone cannot compare with the range of options available because emotion can temper what could be seen as cold rationality.

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    While that's as may be,. this is not really a philosophical issue. The most appropriate disciplines that study and explain this phenimenon of behavior are psychology and sociology. Please try to understand the difference and post your questions appropriately. 

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    There is a common misconception about a logic/emotion dichotomy.  "Logic" and "emotion" have very interesting meanings that are not necessarily mutually exclusive. In some cases, sure, emotions like anger shut down the frontal cortex, disabling logical inferences that would otherwise occur. Or propositions that appeal to particular emotions can be more powerful to the individual than a more careful, logical evaluation. However in many cases, logical reasoning includes an awareness for human responses categorized under "emotion." A logical understanding/conclusion would fall far short if it had not included an application of empathy, and an awareness of human emotional reposes. Logic, both formal informal, can be conceptualized as equations. Emotions are important variables in such equations, and to ignore them may be to fail the primary endeavor.

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    If you are not taught a language, you won't know how to speak it.

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    maybe cause people get more into emotions

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